Make a choice as to what type of wedding ring you want

Wedding is a special event for every human and we all want to make it memorable and have everything best for us in our wedding, especially our wedding rings which we are going to wear for lifetime. As wedding rings are to be worn throughout the life people prefer it to be something sweet and simple plus elegant with the latest design. Different people are of different views in this case too. Many have a design set in their mind as which type they want whereas, on the other hand many are confused about it.

For those who are confused with buying first engagement ring, here is a tutorial by Michael M for you to help you out in selecting your engagement ring:-

Make a choice as to the style of ring- Firstly, it is important for you to understand the preference of your fiancé as to whether she would like a vintage ring or a modern styled ring. Vintage rings are traditionally designed rings with diamonds placed over yellow or rose gold. Modern styled rings are on the other hand made of platinum or white gold.

Make a choice as to the metal type- Get to know the metal type your fiancé likes as to whether yellow gold or rose gold or white gold. Apart from these 3 types of metal rings of platinum are also available at Michael M.

Make a choice as to the type of stone- Once you have selected the style and type of metal it is now turn to know which type of stone you want. Selecting the center stone is important as it is the center stone itself which gives a look to your ring. While selecting the center stone you should keep 4C’s in mind

  • Cut- helps in selecting the shape of diamond.
  • Clarity - Know well about the stone.
  • Carat- weight of the stone.
  • Color- stone colors for diamonds are generally graded from D to Z, from F to H being for high-quality diamonds.

In channel wedding bands the stones are placed very carefully in an elegant manner in between the 2 strips of the metal you choose as to whether it is yellow gold or white gold or rose gold or platinum, whatever the metal type be. Channel wedding bands have proved to be the best choice for today’s bride.